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Patricia hails from the twin island paradise Trinidad and Tobago, best known for carnival, calypso and steel band. Spending time on a farm during my childhood years, using lots of natural foods in it pure state maybe the reason that health and wellness has become my passion. Patricia assists men and women to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of nutrition packed products. For more information:

Week 16 Does Kindness Equal Happiness

This past week in Master key Mastermind Alliance we turned our attention to kindness. What is kindness? Merriam Webster dictionary describes kindness as a kind deed that is a favor. I have always practiced kindness to one degree or other but it was different this week. Why was it different? What made the difference? Was it harmony? Was it the energy of the group as a whole, all the master key members on one accord? Was it my thinking? What is the difference between giving kindness and receiving kindness?
I have to conclude it was my focusing on the random acts of kindness that made the difference for me. I was not doing the acts of kindness in a rote manner as I normally would, but I chose to be present throughout the days we focused on kindness. As the days wore on I recognize that I was feeling happier. What did you say? You were happy because you assisted someone. Yes, the act made me feel happy, were you paid? No, no one paid me. I was happy just knowing that I made someone happy, I made someone smile. During this week of kindness I learned a very important lesson. What’s the lesson? There is no point in multitasking because it precludes one from learning valuable lessons about themselves and others. Always be present.
Some individuals at work commented that the activities I performed that week they would not have undertaken, but I know better. The individuals did not know that it was the week we were focusing on kindness. Was I strengthened by the activities? Was I exhausted at the end of the activities? Did I learn something I did not already know? Yes, I left work tired. Yes, I had to learn new skills but I am now wiser. I realize now that I am also being prepared to step into some places that I have never been and this week certainly was great preparation.
Kindness can be expressed in many ways but two that anyone can participate in are:
1. A smile.
2. Compliment someone.

Be kind one to another.